First step: Log-in

In only five minutes you can create your online account, answer a few basic health questions, select the test and location you prefer, and pay for your test. If you are being tested through an affiliate provider (your dentist for example), you may already have an appointment booked with them. If you don`t have an appointment already scheduled or selected a “Home Visit”, call us and we will schedule your appointment at a convenient time for you.

Second step: Get tested

Either go to your designated appointment and be tested or relax while our qualified medical technician comes to your scheduled home appointment.

Third step: Get your results

You may obtain rapid results within 10 minutes or less, or it may take 1-2 days, depending on the test you chose. Either way, your test results will be posted online within your private client client portal. Log in and download your certificate verifying your IgG and IgM status – for employers or whomever you wish to confirm your Covid-19 status.