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Healgen Scientific

SARS - CoV-2–IgG–IgM

  • United States ~ FDA Authorized Use Under an EAU
  • Europe ~ European Union ~ CE Marked, Certified and Approved
  • Australia ~ Dept. of Health ~ Certified and Approved
  • IgM Sensitivity is 100% and IgG Sensitivity is 97.00%
  • IgM Specificity 100% and IgG Specificity is 97.00%
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You are an ideal patient for this test if:

- You are curious to if you HAD Covid-19 in the past.
- You are curious to know if you have a CURRENT active Covid-19 virus.
- You want to take an extremely accurate IgG/IgM antibody test.
- You have no symptoms but were EXPOSED to someone at least 5 days ago.
- You want to LEARN if you have ANTIBODIES/IMMUNITY to Covid-19.
- You do NOT need a test to TRAVEL (fly).


- Healgen Scientific SARS-CoV-2 IgG and IgM Immunochromatographic Assay.
- This is a Full and Complete IgG and IgM Antibody Test.
- 100% Sensitivity and Specificity for IgM (current infection) Antibodies.
- 97% Sensitivity and 97% Specificity for IgG (past infection) Antibodies.
- Requires a Moderate Complexity CLIA Certified Laboratory
- USA FDA Authorized – European CE Marked

Test Procedure:

This is a Rapid Antibody Test Which takes 2 Minutes to Administer with Results in 10 Minutes for both Antibodies; Current and Past Infection Detection. Ultra-small- gauge blood draw. After Completing a Two Minute Health Questionnaire, the Medical Technician Withdraws a Few Drops of Blood and Places Them in the Test Cassette and Adds two Drops of Buffer. The Test Develops Within 10 Minutes and Confirms if Either IgG or Igm Antibodies Exist, or Both.